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WUDi has been making music ever since he stole his mate's guitar at the tender age of 14. Since then he's been steadily writing and self-releasing songs to not-quite-yet-critical acclaim but something (hopefully) nearing it.

His music has been categorised as many things but WUDi prefers to call it "Beer Pop" as he believes his songs, much like beer, are there to give people a bit of a breather and bring some happiness into their busy lives. Listen to it, have a drink, dance a little and have a good time.

“Through his sheer talent and wit, WUDi turns awkwardness into comedy in playful new track L Bomb…” - WaveByte

”…WUDi channels the fear and anxiety that comes with expecting an early ‘L BOMB’ into a fun, light hearted track that trivializes these fears. WUDi turns this timeless dilemma into a laughable moment that breathes a sigh of relief …” - Velvet Independent

"Recipe: Young the Giant’s vulnerable yelps, the bombastic pop force of Bastille, the messy relationships of Taylor Swift, and an Ed Sheeran-big chorus. Stir well. Serve warm. Ultimately, quite the pop song. Impressive." - Indpendent Clauses

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